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Dec 11 LIVE MUSIC - Jesse Galchick Jesse Galchick is returning to Royal Docks. She was on stage during our grand opening celebration and we are happy to have her back! Jesse Galchick started 'before she could talk'; at least that's what her mother says. Along with her 'Old Soul', singing just comes natural to her. Began writing songs when she was in grade school and picked up guitar at the ripe age of 12. Started recording in a home studio from 2007-2010 and also recorded original songs at Quad Studios in Nashville, TN in 2007. Has played in front of audiences of more than 1,500 people at the Blues Festival in Canton, Ohio and also has performed in local theater productions in Massillon, Ohio. Jesse has played in numerous bands over the years at many gigs, one of which was at the, "Canton Palace Theater". She is now busy writing and recording her original music that goes well over 100+ songs under her belt; and she plays out regularly throughout Ohio. With all the things keeping her busy she also finds time to keep up with her wonderful 2 year old daughter. Music is her saving- grace. #RoyalDocksBrewing #RDB #DrinkCantonBeer #MindTheTap #LiveMusic #Music #Live #Band #JesseGalchick